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Nathan Raven Haché


Welcome to my portfolio. I'm a bilingual Canadian from the East Coast who loves strategy games, badminton and biking.

I've always been passionate about games ever since I got my first Gameboy with Pokemon red back when they were actually a thing. It's only lately that I decided to turn this passion into a career and learn programming and game development.


I discovered a passion in programming that I didn't know existed within me. I tend to lose myself in the process of creating games and I cant think of a better way to begin my career.

Timeless Saga.png

Timeless Saga

My latest solo project, a 6v6 turn based strategy game inspired by Pokemon, TemTem & others of the genre.

The games previously mentioned are great but in my opinion lacked in the strategy department. Without making it too complex I got to add the entire teams against each other.


I kept what I really liked about these games like typing and swapping but introducing some new ones to keep things balanced.

This was really fun to make since I love to play these games and couldn't wait to get the next iteration done so I could hop on my phone and test it out.

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